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McKayla's Story

grace blooms

Hi! I'm McKayla, the founder of graceblooms

I started graceblooms in hopes that it could serve as affordable way to put the finishing touches on your outfit, whether it be pjs, gym clothes, or a dress! I am a firm believer that when you put effort into your appearance you feel more confident throughout the day, giving you more time and energy to focus on the things that matter most ❤

low self esteem

Growing up, I struggled to feel confident and pretty, as I’m sure a lot of us girls do, sadly.

I remember one day, after months of feeling sorry for myself because I didn’t feel like I had any friends, my mom sat me down and told me something that her mom told her when she was younger, something that she said that she had lived by since she was in middle school.

words that changed my life

She told me, “While you are getting ready for the day, do all you can to feel cute and confident, but the minute you walk out the door, forget yourself and start putting that energy toward making others feel special and loved.

forgetting myself

Wow did those words change my life. I changed from a girl who walked around school feeling lonely and insecure to a girl who went out of her way to memorize all of her classmates names and greet them with a smile as I walked by them in the halls. I did my best to always tell someone if I liked their outfit. I started inviting people to hang out that I never would’ve had the courage to talk to before. I started noticing people who were having a bad day and did my best to cheer them up. I wasn’t always perfect in forgetting myself, but when I did I felt like a million bucks.

confidence & joy

I had the idea to start graceblooms because I wanted other girls to feel the type of confidence that I gained as I made this mindset shift. It makes me sad to think that there might be girls out there who think the same way little McKayla did, they think that they aren’t pretty enough, they aren’t fun enough, they aren’t smart enough, that they don’t have good enough style.

I want graceblooms to be a way that girls can feel confident, cute, and put together so that when they leave the house they can feel the joy that comes from putting all their energy into making the people around them feel like a million bucks too:)

❤ McKayla

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